What Our Clients Say About Us...

"Paname Translations have been so easy to deal with! The team was such a help to our business. Nothing was too hard for them and we had great after-sale service. Our translations turned out perfectly! Thank you."

– Aussie Trax 4x4 Rentals

"Paname Translations always goes a step beyond to provide expert translation services. Their professionalism and ability to act quickly is greatly appreciated. How lucky we were to find you ... I look forward to our continued alliance. Thank you, it is a pleasure working with you."

– Sonia Maes Hubert, Principal, Business Plus

“Thank you for your reliable and professional service. Finally we found someone who was able to provide a quick and professional service to our clients.”

– Esef Mirascija, Bell Legal Group

"Paname Translations provided top-quality translations which I needed done quickly. I found Paname Translations to be professional and friendly and would gladly recommend them to other businesses."

– Cassandra Hansen, magazine editor

"PDL (Pacific Direct Line) operates container vessels from Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific Islands, and notably, the French Pacific Territories of New Caledonia, Wallis-Futuna, and French Polynesia. We often require translations of documents that are both lengthy and complex. They are not the type of documents that are easy to translate either from French into English or from English into French, as it is often difficult to grasp the true legal meaning of a document. This has never been a problem with Paname Translations. They immediately grasped the intent of the document to be translated and put it into the correct wording to reflect that intent. This is not easy for someone who is not legally qualified; however I know that if they do a translation for us, it will be perfect and be able to be properly understood by the person who needs that translation."

– Rowan Moss, Pacific Direct Line